The GT3 Experience


WhereÕs the Love?  



The 996 never really appealed to me as well as many others.  Socially, an outcast, it had a very difficult birth despite being yet another technological advance over earlier years.  It was also fraught with issues such as engine oil leaks and some engines that departed this Earth early in their service life.  It was a troubled car with a loss of respect from many.


I boiled the spirit of the car down to this: the 996 was simply PorscheÕs version of LeviÕs Relaxed Jeans.

The soul had been surgically excised from the car.  Nothing about it was visceral enough to call up the memories of the past 911s.  Everything seemed wrong and even Porsche silently acknowledged that fact with the entry of the MK II, but it wasnÕt enough.  Finally, the 997 appeared with a mission to set right what had been perceived as so wrong with the 996.  However, there was one more card that Porsche pulled had out of its sleeve.  That Ace was the GT3.